Pin inspiring media to our inspiration board to start the conversation around creative solutions for dementia care.

In this first phase, our inspiration board is open for you to pin inspiring snippets of media which make you think about dementia and technology in new and creative ways. Whether it’s a news story, a photograph, or a YouTube video, this phase is all about starting the conversation about dementia and what works for you. Your pinned material may even spark off someone’s idea in the next phase…

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After you’ve been inspired, it’s time for you to share your ideas for new technologies for people with dementia and their carers. Engage in an exciting design process online and invite others to help you refine your idea.

Once you’ve submitted your ideas, browse the website and see what else has been submitted. Feel free to support other ideas you like, and comment on them to ensure your voice is heard. The judging process will happen after this phase, so it’s important to get supporters to vote for your idea!

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Comment on tenders for the shortlisted ideas to inform how they should be developed and made available for people with dementia and their carers.

Tech developers are now encouraged to submit bids to win a work contract and create the winning technology. At this point, you are invited to comment on the bids, and your comments will contribute to the judges’ final decision.

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The winning tender will be announced by a panel of experienced judges from Dementia Care, and Sunderland Software City. The team will build the community’s winning idea.

The chosen team will post updates on their progress throughout the development. Once the technology has been developed it will be made available to the community free of charge and the winning team will be awarded the money for completing the work.

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